GeyserMC - Прокси плагин/сервер

GeyserMC — это прокси-сервер, соединяющий серверы Minecraft: Bedrock Edition и Minecraft: Java Edition. Конечная цель этого проекта — позволить пользователям Minecraft: Bedrock Edition максимально беспрепятственно подключаться к серверам Minecraft: Java Edition, чтобы обеспечить настоящую кроссплатформенность.

GeyserMC — это промежуточное ПО, которое транслирует все входящие и исходящие пакеты. При этом Geyser MC работает как автономный прокси-сервер, то есть вы можете использовать его для подключения к любому современному Java-серверу Minecraft. GeyserMC также можно установить на ваш сервер в виде плагина, чтобы вы могли легко сделать свой сервер совместимым с Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

Настройка config.yml

# --------------------------------
# Geyser Configuration File
# A bridge between Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Minecraft: Java Edition.
# GitHub:
# Discord:
# --------------------------------

  # IP адрес для подключения к прокси
  # Порт для подключения к прокси
  port: 19132
  # Клонировать порт Java при подключении Bedrock игрока
  clone-remote-port: false
  motd1: "NiceServer"
  motd2: "Very good server"
  # Имя мира в меню сервера
  server-name: "Geyser"
 #IP - адрес сервера , ставить auto если это локалхост
  address: auto
  Порт Java сервера
  port: 25565
#Тип подключения к Java серверу
# offline - НЕ проверять на наличие XBOX аккаунта
# online - Проверять на наличие XBOX аккаунта
  auth-type: offline
  #Включить встроенную регистрацию? По умолчанию : true
  allow-password-authentication: false
#Перебрасывать ли игрока на Java сервер?
  forward-hostname: true

# Показывать список комманд Bedrock игроку
# Может вызвать лаги у Bedrock клиента
command-suggestions: true

#Получать MOTD Java сервера
passthrough-motd: false
# Получать прокси количество игроков
passthrough-player-counts: false
# Каждые 3 секунды будет получать MOTD сервера java
ping-passthrough-interval: 3

# Макс. количество прокси игроков
max-players: 100

# Показать отладочные сообщения
debug-mode: false

# Allow third party capes to be visible. Currently allowing:
# OptiFine capes, LabyMod capes, 5Zig capes and MinecraftCapes
allow-third-party-capes: true

# Можно поставить 3 режима показа кулдауна
# actionbar
# title
# false
show-cooldown: title

# Показать координаты
show-coordinates: true

# Whether Bedrock players can right-click outside of their inventory to replace armor in their inventory, even if the
# armor slot is already occupied (which Java Edition doesn't allow)
always-quick-change-armor: false

# If set, when a Bedrock player performs any emote, it will swap the offhand and mainhand items, just like the Java Edition keybind
# There are three options this can be set to:
# disabled - the default/fallback, which doesn't apply this workaround
# no-emotes - emotes will NOT be sent to other Bedrock clients and offhand will be swapped. This effectively disables all emotes from being seen.
# emotes-and-offhand - emotes will be sent to Bedrock clients and offhand will be swapped
emote-offhand-workaround: "disabled"

# The default locale if we dont have the one the client requested. Uncomment to not use the default system language.
# default-locale: en_us

# Specify how many days images will be cached to disk to save downloading them from the internet.
# A value of 0 is disabled. (Default: 0)
cache-images: 0

# Allows custom skulls to be displayed. Keeping them enabled may cause a performance decrease on older/weaker devices.
allow-custom-skulls: true

# Whether to add (at this time, only) the furnace minecart as a separate item in the game, which normally does not exist in Bedrock Edition.
# This should only need to be disabled if using a proxy that does not use the "transfer packet" style of server switching.
# If this is disabled, furnace minecart items will be mapped to hopper minecart items.
# This option requires a restart of Geyser in order to change its setting.
add-non-bedrock-items: true

# Bedrock prevents building and displaying blocks above Y127 in the Nether.
# This config option works around that by changing the Nether dimension ID to the End ID. 
# The main downside to this is that the entire Nether will have the same red fog rather than having different fog for each biome.
above-bedrock-nether-building: false

# Force clients to load all resource packs if there are any.
# If set to false, it allows the user to connect to the server even if they don't
# want to download the resource packs.
force-resource-packs: true

# Allows Xbox achievements to be unlocked.
xbox-achievements-enabled: false

# bStats is a stat tracker that is entirely anonymous and tracks only basic information
# about Geyser, such as how many people are online, how many servers are using Geyser,
# what OS is being used, etc. You can learn more about bStats here:
  # If metrics should be enabled
  enabled: true
  # UUID of server, don't change!
  uuid: 26c8c572-2b91-433a-b335-00a92bcdfa87


# Geyser updates the Scoreboard after every Scoreboard packet, but when Geyser tries to handle
# a lot of scoreboard packets per second can cause serious lag.
# This option allows you to specify after how many Scoreboard packets per seconds
# the Scoreboard updates will be limited to four updates per second.
scoreboard-packet-threshold: 20

# Включаем true чтобы работало прокси, по умолнаю стоит false
enable-proxy-connections: true

# The internet supports a maximum MTU of 1492 but could cause issues with packet fragmentation.
# 1400 is the default.
mtu: 1400

# Whether to connect directly into the Java server without creating a TCP connection.
# This should only be disabled if a plugin that interfaces with packets or the network does not work correctly with Geyser.
# If enabled on plugin versions, the remote address and port sections are ignored
# If disabled on plugin versions, expect performance decrease and latency increase
use-direct-connection: true

config-version: 4

Конфиг настроен на вход без проверки на XBOX авторизацию

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